Billet Crankshafts

ZRP crankshafts are all manufactured from aerospace grade 4340 solid billet steel. No compromises have been made to the quality of the material, in order to ensure the best possible product. They are designed carefully, from our vast experience, to provide the best possible engine performance.

Our crankshaft production process consists of very detailed inspections to ensure that they have the best quality and tolerances for perfect fitment. We use CNC machining for precise results, multi-stage heat treatment, ION (Plasma) Nitriding for hardening and heat treatment for superior wear resistance, Magna-fluxing for flawless surface finish, Shot peening for stress release, Micro-polishing for longer bearing life. Finally they are sonic tested and Xrayed to ensure a reliable end product.

All ZRP Crankshafts are fully balanced and ready to install.