Connecting Rods


More economically priced but without compromising quality and performance. The shape is optimized depending on the model, some come in an H-Beam shape and others in I-beam shape. Depending on the application and if it is turbo or N/A use the design is customized for weight and rigidity.


Built from the finest raw materials with a specially optimized shape which also accommodates a 3/8th bolt in all applications. The design of these rods has been developed, based on our experience, to each application individually in order to optimize the design depending on each engines character.
The new Heavy-Duty series conrods from ZRP easily fulfill the highest standards of Motorsport.


In our continual quest for improvement, we proudly introduce an all new series of ZRP conrods, aimed for the Extreme applications.
Built from the finest raw materials with a specially optimized shape which also accommodates a 3/8” L19 cap fasteners in all applications.
For those that are not familiar with this, let us say that it is a high tensile alloy steel, renowned for its wear resistance properties. 817M40T steel is a popular grade of through-hardening alloy steel due to its excellent machinability in the “T” condition, the hardness is in the range 248/302 HB. 817M40T – EN24T can be further surface-hardened to create components with enhanced wear resistance by induction or nitriding processing. These qualities make it the finest material you can use for Conrods manufacturing, where high strength properties are required.

ZRP Connecting Rods Features

• AMPCO 18 bushings for excellent resistance to wear and fatigue • Bushings include radial groove for oil reservoir • Shot Peening for improved fatigue life • Magnaflux Inspection guarantees the consistency of the forged material meets our high-quality standard • Multi Stage Heat Treatment for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life • CNC machining for superior tolerances as tight as 0.0002″ • Center to center is a maintained to .001″ tolerance • Finite Element Analysis FEA Computer generated stress analysis of con rods • Bend and twist is tightly controlled • Optimal balancing for weight matched sets ± 1gram

No matter what your racing field is, drag, drift, or time attack, ZRP‘s new series of connecting rods will keep your engine revving!