ARP L19 7/16″ Rod Bolt Kit (16pc) UHL:1.725

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ARP L19 BOLTS FOR GENERAL REPLACEMENT STEEL RODS These bolts were designed for drag racers or street racers, running on high boost engines, that need more clamping force and tensile strength than the ARP2000 Stud Kit can offer. If you are looking for the best option, you’ve found it, as these are 15% stronger than ARP2000 and have a 55% increase in tensile strength over the OEM torque to Yield (TTY Bolts) !! These bolts are made from vacuum melted alloy steel with sufficient chromium and carbon to achieve high hardness and superior strength Like most high strength, quench and temper steels – L19 requires special care during manufacturing to avoid hydrogen embrittlement. This material is easily contaminated and subject to stress corrosion. It must be kept well-oiled and not exposed to moisture. Yield Strength: 200-230,000 PSI Tensile Strength: 260,000 PSI

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